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You have noticed many times the Louisiana Flood Scene behind this update blog that is in use as the Buried Values' site's wall paper.


Well, it has happened again - exactly as described in Buried Values: The Library right during events leading up to the stealing of the 2016 Presidential Election - just like it's happening in Buried Values: The Library. On top of that, black citizens engaged in multiple directed mass shootings of police officers,  (in Dallas) exactly as it occurs in Chapter 2 of The Library (in Baton Rouge).


It is our VALUES that have always existed in a bad place, which is why I (it's Josh posting) wanted to write Buried Values in the first place.


In the meantime, a former War on Terror veteran, and former police officer who was of great assistance in helping me complete my research for these novels has now lost everything as his home is one of these now underwater. Please watch for updates - including on that Labor Day Weekend Civil War Re-Enactment (below) coming Monday when I have a chance to do some web updating.


[I have been very busy writing "BV 3" which is now almost finished for this Fall!]



There will be a Huge Civil War Re-Enactment 

with Buried Values book signing LABOR DAY WEEKEND at Huntington Beach Central Park Sept 3-4!


More information will be posted on an update Monday.




Keep checking here and on the BV Facebook page (like with the button to your right) for continuing updates as the program calendar gets locked down.


The Buried Values Facebook page is also where those with academic interests in the history behind the stories will be notified of upcoming lectures at historical groups and museum events.


Residents of Southern California, you will find great events wihtin reasonable reach for you  from San Diego to a little north of Los Angeles!


This winter is going to be a really exciting season for Buried Values!




I promise, this one is worth the wait!



The Treasure and The Library were released exactly a year ago from last spring. It was my wildest hope that the adventures would entertain this many people. But BURIED VALUES has definitely accomplished this thanks to so many of you demonstrating your support and the legacy shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, we're just starting to gain momentum!


The 1st book reviews are in, the novels are doing great, and I'm happy to say there are pleasing a very wide audience!


Thank you to so many of you that helped make this happen.

The Thank You's and Acknowledgements page has begun (new link to the left).


My first goal is to entertain, and I am working hard at continuing to do so.

FREE sample chapter from both Buried Values novels currently out are available! [Click on excerpts to your left.] These are website exclusive you can find no where else!

Including 50 shades of...something. (For adults, please).

BURIED VALUES: The Treasure is published and can be discovered today! Follow the link for The Treasure to your left for more information and to order for your collection now!


Get your six-guns ready and grab your go-bag, as we're headed into the Wild Wild West!


Stay tuned for more exclusive excerpts and the chance to connect for Facebook novel launch promotions and live interactions with the author.


 New pictures of Author / Actor Josh Weiselberg on ABC TV's "CASTLE" have now been added!  

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