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As of this point, the books have still been out barely 3 quarters of their 1st year...


nelope on Amazon.com says "Great story line. Lots of blood. Love the Hero. Very close to the true history, this mite have happen in history. Love the Book looking forward to reading the next one."


curt h on Kindle says: "Was somewhat skeptical at first, trying a somewhat unknown writer, but from the first page the action began, and i was engaged. Finding myself eager for the next chapter , knowing there would be yet another twist, until it was all too soon ended. seeming real and compassionate characters and simultaneous multiple plots keep interest high and wonderment as to how it will all resolve itself."




M. Siller on Amazon.com says: "This book is a hidden gem. The writer was able to create a fast paced atmosphere for his characters that will prevent you from putting down the book until you finish it. In fact, the more you read, the more you want. His story line has a complexity hard to find among new authors and a polishing that comes from evident high standards. I am looking forward to more books published by Joshua Weiselberg."


MODyssey on Amazon.com says: Excellent story with very in-depth character development. I'm really excited to see how the story continues in the future.


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