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BURIED VALUES: The Library is now Available!

In the year 2016, the drug cartel war has exploded into downtown Baton Rouge, Louisiana!


Buried Values: The Library brings back the hunt for a cursed bounty full of valuables-gone-missing since the Civil War. The story follows a young lady who is assigned a mission she does not understand. Chosen deliberately because she is inexperienced, the girl is continuously manipulated and lied to while the nation’s security is put in danger as rival factions of an organized crime family seek to redefine their relationship with the international drug cartels. Things continue to escalate so as to even put the office of the President of the United States at risk. But while this young professional is assigned to infiltrate one of the most influential and entrenched crime families in the South since she appears nearly identical to the Mafia daughter, unexpected results occur as sex, drugs, money and power combine to cause her to stray from the course. Then tragedy leads her to a newfound obsession for revenge her handlers could not have ever foreseen, and a good girl turns very bad.


All hell is unleashed by the storm that follows when the mission also involves an adventurous archaeology professor with his own suspect reasons for seeking the lost treasure. He is caught in the crossfire with his misguided students, who are first told it’s all only for a college internship opportunity, but start getting eliminated as the bodies begin to fall. After their popular teacher disappears, six Louisiana State students will bind together to complete his quest to recover a fortune in lost treasure on their own, while the two last honest cops in Baton Rouge attempt to save them as a Class Five Hurricane bears down, and something worse is yet to come.


In the end, a young woman’s survival will hinge on a choice: will she fight for justice, or will she fight for only what is best for herself? As she learns the two can never coincide, all will learn what it takes to make a good girl turn really bad.


Told in a blistering action-adventure narrative, Buried Values: The Library digs hard into our true human nature and its regards to sex, love, honor, patriotism, politics, and faith, as well as one's loyalty to family and commitment to public service, versus one’s commitment to self. Dare to embark on this dark journey to discover enlightenment.


The Truth has Value. Class is just an Act.


[Playboy Model Gianna Mazzon poses here as one dangerous girl with Buried Values – photo used with permission of model]

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